Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The man is the highest of creatures.
The woman is the most sublime ideal.
God has created man for a throne, for women an altar.
The throne exalts, the altar sanctifies.
The man is the brain - heart woman.
The brain receives light, the heart... receives love.
Light fecundiza, love is making a comeback.
Man is strong for the reason, the woman is invincible by his tears.
The reason convinces, tears touch (soften) the soul.
The man is capable of any heroism, the woman, any sacrifice.
Ennobling heroism, sacrifice called the sublime.
The man has the dominance, the female intuition.
Dominance means strength, intuition represents justice.
The man is a genius, the woman an angel.
Genius is immeasurable, the angel is ineffable.
The aspiration of man is to the Supreme glory, the female aspiration is towards perfect virtue.
Glory makes everything great, virtue becomes all divine.
The man is a code, the woman is a Gospel.
The code fixes, the Gospel makes us perfect.
The man thinks women inferred.
Thinking means having a brain superior, infer, feel, it means having the glory in the front.
The man is an ocean, the woman is a lake.
The ocean is the Pearl that decorate you, the Lake, the light that illuminates it.
The man is an eagle in flight, the woman, a Nightingale that sings.
The fly means to dominate the space, singing means to conquer the soul.
The man is a temple, the woman an altar.
In front of the altar, we discover our heads in front of the altar, we kneel.
The man sits where just the land, women, where the sky begins

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