Wednesday, 30 April 2014

मस्तियों में

Let's get loose
Let's drown in the delicious
Ambience of
~ Hafiz चलो घुल जाते हैं हम
करुणा भरे  
चलो डूबें मस्तियों में 
प्यार के संसार में

Sunday, 27 April 2014

तुम्हारा अन्तर्जग

I read her eyes like
paragraphs and her tears
like chapters
for she didn't have much
to say with words, but rather,
And never let them tell you
that silence, isn't beautiful.
For silence is what happens
when words fall asleep
and you must carry the belief
that one day they will
wake up inside of you.
~ Christopher Poindexter 
पढता हूँ मैं आँखें उसकी जैसे
कोई लेख और आंसू उसके 
जैसे की अध्याय 
क्यूंकि उसके पास था ज़्यादा न कुछ 
कह पाती शब्द में जो वह बल्कि 
मात्र थी खामोशी 
कभी भी न कहने दो उनको 
कि मौन में सौंदर्य है न .
क्यूंकि मौन है जो जन्मता 
शब्द जब सो जाते हैं 
औ रखो विश्वास अपने में 
कि एक दिन वे 
ही जगायेंगे तुम्हारा अन्तर्जग

ज्योति अंतर आत्मा की

The words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels.

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
शब्द जो जगाते ज्योति अंतर आत्मा की कीमती हैं कही गहनों से 


उमड़ते ब्रह्माण्ड कितने अजन्मे

Her eyes carried
a certain kind
of silence that
begged to be
understood and i
felt as if i was
a scientist,
staring with eager,
fervent eyes into
galaxies that have not
yet had the chance
to be named.
~ Christopher PoindexterPhoto: Happy International Women's Day...
आँखें उसकी भरी थीं 
एक ख़ास सी  
खामोशी से जो
 मांगती थी ज्यूँ भिक्षा 
समझ लेने के लिए और मुझे 
लगा की जैसे था मैं 
एक वैज्ञानिक ,
ताकता उत्साह भर 
आँखें उत्कट जिनमे 
उमड़ते ब्रह्माण्ड कितने अजन्मे ,

प्रतीक्षित अवसरों की 
नाम जिनको दे कोई 

प्यार बेशर्त

When we see everyone is a part of us,
that any criticism we make is self-criticism,
we will extend to ourselves an unconditional love
that will light the world.
-Harry Palmer दिखने लगते सब जब अपने ही जैसे , अंग जैसे 
भर्त्सना कोई भी तब अपनी ही लगती 
बढ़ने लगता प्यार अपने लिए  बेशर्त 
दीप्त कर देगा जहां को जो  Photo

चांदनी में

He loved her without
desperation and needs
and wants.
With his naked soul,
he loved her,
and dreamt
of her clothed
in white dancing
beneath the moonlight
as the stars
grew jealous of the way
she moved.
~ Christopher Poindexter

चाहा उसने उसे बिन 
निराशा औ मांग के 
और कोई कामना के 
अपनी दिगंबर आत्मा से,
चाहा उसने उसे बस ,
और देखे स्वप्न  
परिधानों के उसके  
श्वेत से ..नृत्य करते 
चांदनी में 
जैसे तारे 
जले ईर्ष्या में उस से Photo
चली  जब वह आगे ..

जीवंत औ मुक्त

Today I give thanks for it all,
Though I do not understand much of what I see,
I surrender anyway....
I trust in the Goodness of Life,
I open to the One that breathes me, 
To the One who has given me one more day.
To feel so alive and free.
~ Flora Aube

आज मैं कृतज्ञ हूँ सब के प्रति 
यद्यपि न जानती सब देखता जो 
समर्पित हूँ फिर भी ..
है सुदृढ़ विश्वास जीवन है सुन्दर 
हूँ प्रस्तुत उसे जो है श्वांस मेरा 
उसे जिसने दिया जीवन फिर और एक दिन 
कर सकूँ महसूस जीवंत औ मुक्त जिस से Photo

कर सकता प्रतीक्षा

I exist as I am, that is enough,
If no other in the world be aware I sit content,
And if each and all be aware I sit content.
One world is aware, and by the far the largest to me, and that is myself,
And whether I come to my own today or in ten thousand or ten million years, 
I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness, I can wait.
~ Walt Whitman 

जीता हूँ मैं जैसा हूँ मैं काफी ये ही 
जाने चाहे कोई न संसार में यह फिर भी मैं संतृप्त बैठा 
जान ले हर कोई यह संसार में फिर भी मैं संतृप्त बैठा
एक जग है जानता औ विस्तृत अनंत मैं तक वह हूँ मैं 
औ चाहे लौटूँ खुद तक आज या पश्चात सालों या युगों के 
मुदित मन स्वीकारता मैं  अब या उसी लय में कर सकता प्रतीक्षा Photo


The desires of this world are like sea water. The more you drink of them, the more you thirst.
~ Ibn al-Arabi ख्वाहिशें जग की जैसे सिंधु का जल 
पीते जाओ जितना उतने होते प्यासे Photo: Good night world ♥

love at first sight

I believe
in love at first sight
but I will always believe
that the people
we love
we have loved before.
Many, many, many times before
and when we stumble
through grace and circumstance
and that brilliant illusion of choice
to finally meet them again,
we feel it faster
each time through.
The one glance
that set life alight
is two sets of two eyes
staring through the layers
of lifetimes and stolen glances
and first kisses and hands held;
the brace against the weight
and unrelenting tide
of waiting.
I believe
in love at first sight
but am not burdened with the misconception
that it's a first sight
at all.
~ Tyler Knott Gregson Photo

Thursday, 24 April 2014

प्यार करता प्रकृति से

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.
~ George Gordon, Lord Byronबिन पथ के भटकना वनों  में देता मज़ा
सूने निर्जन तट आनंद मय लगते कभी 
एक है समाज जहाँ कोई हस्तक्षेप है न 
गहरे सागर के किनारे औ रोर में संगीत 
प्यार  करता न कम मनुज से पर प्रकृति से ज़्यादा कहीं 

कहते जो हम

We speak
Becomes the house we live in.
Who will want to sleep in your bed
If the roof leaks
Right above
Look what happens when the tongue
Cannot say to kindness,
“I will be your slave.”
The moon
Covers her face with both hands
And can't bear
To look.
~ Hafiz Photoजो
बोलते हम 
जाता बन वह घर  हमारा .
कौन चाहेगा सोना संग तुम्हारे 
गर टपकती हो छत 
सीधे ऊपर 
तुम्हारे  ?
देखो क्या होता है जब के जीभ 
कह ना पाये द्रवित दिल से ,
“दास बन जाऊँगा तेरा.”
ढँकता चेहरा उसका हाथ से दोनों 
और न सह सकता 
कि देख पाये उसे..
I sought her from myself,
she was there all along;
how strange that I
had concealed her from me.
I kept going back and forth
with her, within myself --
my senses drunk,
her beauties, my wine --
Setting out
from certain knowledge
to its source and truth,
reality my quest,
Calling to myself from me
to guide me by my voice
to that part of me
lost in my search.
Me begging me
to raise the screen
by lifting up the veil,
for I was my only means to me.
I was gazing
into the mirror of my beauty
to see the perfection of my being
in my contemplation of my face,
And mouthing my name, I listened
and leaned toward me,
looking to one who could make me hear
mention of me in my voice,
Placing my hands
upon my heart,
hoping to hold me
there in my embrace,
Rising toward my breaths
pleading they would pass by me
that I might find
me there.
Until a flash appeared
from me to my eye;
the break of my dawn shone clear,
my dark sky disappeared.
There, where reason recoils,
I arrived,
and my bond and union
reached to me from myself.
Then I glowed in joy,
as I attained to me
with a certainty that spared me
from my journey's hard ride.
I led myself to me
after I called me back;
my soul my means,
my guide to me.
When I pulled away
the curtains of sensuous disguise
brought down
by the mysteries of wisdom,
I raised the screen from my soul
by lifting up the veil,
and so it answered
my question.
I had rubbed the rust of my attributes
from the mirror of my being,
and it was encircled
with my beaming rays,
And I summoned me to witness me
since no other existed
in my witness
to rival me.
My mentioning my name
made me hear it in my recollection
as my soul, negating sense,
said my name and listened.
I hugged myself --
but not by wrapping arms around my ribs --
that I might embrace
my identity.
I inhaled my spirit,
while the air of my breath
perfumed scattered ambergris
with fragrance,
All of me free
from the dual quality of sensation,
my freedom within,
I, one with my essence.
~ Umar Ibn al-Farid 

दीप्त रक्त मज्जा के ह्रदय में

How is it I can love You
within me,
yet see You from afar?
How is it I embrace You
within myself,
yet see You spread across the heavens?
You know. You alone.
You, who made this mystery,
You who shine
like the sun in my breast,
You who shine
in my material heart,
~ Symeon the New Theologianकैसे है की प्यार मर करता तुझे 
अपने ही अंदर 
देखता फिर भी दूरी से तुझे ?
कैसे है मैं गले लग जाता तेरे 
अपने ही अंदर 
देखता पर तुझे आसमा तक ?
जानते तुम . तुम ही केवल
तुम, हो जिसने रचा है तिलिस्म यह 
तुम हो जो चमकते 
सूर्य से मेरे ह्रदय में 
तुम हो जो दीप्त हो 
रक्त मज्जा के ह्रदय में 
पर रह संसार से 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Lord most high, all-powerful, all-good,
Celebration, light, and all sweet blessings are yours,
yours alone.
No man speaks
who can speak your Name.
Praise to you, my Lord, and to all beings of your creation!
Praise especially to brother sun,
who fills the day with light
-- through whom you shine!
Beautiful and bright, magnificent with splendor,
He shows us your Face.
Praise to my Lord for sister moon
and for the stars.
You have formed them in the firmament,
fine and rare and fair.
Praise to you, Lord, for brother wind,
for the air, for the clouds,
for fair days and every turn of weather
-- through which you feed the world.
Praise to my Lord for sister water,
precious and pure, who selflessly serves all.
Praise to my Lord for brother fire,
through whom you fill the dark with light.
Lovely is he in his delight, mighty and strong.
Praise to my Lord for our sister, mother earth,
who nourishes us and surrounds us
in a world ripe with fruit, pregnant
with grassy fields,
spangled with flowers.
Praise to my Lord for those seeking your love,
who discover within themselves forgiveness,
rejecting neither frailty nor sorrow.
Enduring in serenity, they are blessed,
For they shall be crowned by your hand, Most High.
Praise to my Lord for our sister death,
the body's death,
whom none avoid.
A great sadness for those who die having missed life's mark;
Yet blessed they whose way
is your most holy will --
Having died once, the second death
does them no ill.
Sing praises!
Offer holy blessings to my Lord!
In gratitude, selflessly offer yourself to him.
~ St Francis of Assisi

भुला पाना उसे

I am no longer in love with her,
that's certain, but
may be I love her.
Love is so short, forgetting is so long.
Pablo Neruda
प्यार अब न करता उस से हूँ  मैं 
है सुनिश्चित किन्तु 
शायद हूँ प्यार करता उसे 
कितना है संखिप्त प्रकरण प्रेम का और कितना लम्बा है भुला पाना उसे 


Saviour, I lift mine eyes to thee
When in the hour of deep despair;
When darkest waves roll over me,
I trust thy merits and thy care.
Thy promises I know are sure,
My soul doth on them safely rest;
And though dark clouds thy face obscure,
I lean my head upon thy breast.
The clouds depart. Thy face I see
All glorious in its light of love.
Thy pitying eyes look down on me,
And peace surrounds like that above.
~ Watie W. Swanzy पालनहार ,ताकता तेरी तरफ 
जब भी होता हूँ निराशा में फंसा गहरे 
लहरें बढ़ती ओर मेरे घुमड़ काली
धरता विश्वास तुम में औ तेरी कृपा में 
वायदे तुम्हारे जनता मैं कितने सच्चे 
रूह मेरी सुरक्षित उस घोंसले में सदा 
काले बादल छिपाते चेहरा तुम्हारा 
रखता सर अपने तुम्हारे वक्ष पर मैं .
छँटते बादल देखता चेहरा तुम्हारा मैं 
चमकता प्यार के प्रकाश से 
दया से भरे दृष्टि तुम्हारी मुझ पे 
औ शांति छा जाती चहुँ ओर ऐसे 

Saturday, 19 April 2014


It's dawn,-
open the door,
wake up, Khukumoni!
The jasmine flowers
from their vines
are calling you to come running,
wake up, Khukumoni!
Uncle Sun
is crawling out
all dressed in a crimson shirt,
listen -- the gatekeeper
is singing
his song, "Rama hoi."
The birds
are leaving their nests
to fly in the sky,
listen to them
singing continuously,
filling the morning air!
The restless
Bulbul birds
whistle from flower to flower,
this time,
this time,
Khukumoni will open her eyes!
Setting the rudder,
hoisting the sail,
the boat begins its journey,
this time,
this time,
Khukumoni has opened her eyes!
she's not--
she's an early-riser,
that's why
Brother Moon
gives a teep everyday for her!
and running--
all the little boys and girls,
listen to them
about who woke up first!
wash up
wake up, Khukumoni!
With a hymn
let's begin
asking for a blessing from God!
~ Nazrul Islam

बूँद हूँ एक

I am the drop that contains the ocean.
Yunus Emre
बूँद हूँ एक मैं जिसमे समाया सागर अपरिमित 

मेरु केवल

The birds have vanished into the sky,
and now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.
~ Li Bai पाखी सारे खो चुके आकाश में 
आख़री बादल भी ज्यूँ उड़ चला 
बैठते दोनों साथ ,मेरु और मैं 
जब तलक रह जाए न  मेरु केवल 

cant forget you

I am the bird that flutters against your window in the morning,
and your closest friend, whom you can never know,
blossoms that light up for the blind.
I am the glacier shining over the woods, so pale,
and heavy voices from the cathedral tower.
The thought that suddenly hits you in the middle of the day
and makes you feel so fantastically happy.
I am the one you have loved for many years.
I walk beside you all day and look intently at you
and put my mouth against your heart
though you're not aware of it.
I am your third arm, your second
shadow, the white one,
whom you cannot accept,
and who can never forget you.
~ Rolf Jacobsen


The birds don't alter space.
They reveal it. The sky
never fills with any
leftover flying. They leave
nothing to trace. It is our own
astonishment collects
in chill air. Be glad.
They equal their due
moment never begging,
and enter ours
without parting day. See
how three birds in a winter tree
make the tree barer.
Two fly away, and new rooms
open in December.
Give up what you guessed
about a whirring heart, the little
beaks and claws, their constant hunger.
We're the nervous ones.
If even one of our violent number
could be gentle
long enough that one of them
found it safe inside
our finally untroubled and untroubling gaze,
who wouldn't hear
what singing completes us?
~ Li-Young Lee 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Love is the veil between lover and lover.
Kahlil Gibra
प्यार है एक आवरण प्रेमियो के बीच का 

घर लौटते में

Flowers in the sky.
Flowers on Earth.
Lotuses bloom as Buddha's eyelids.
Lotuses bloom in man's heart.
Holding gracefully a lotus in his hand,...
the bodhisattva brings forth a universe of art.
In the meadows of the sky, stars have sprung up.
The smiling, fresh moon is already up.
The jade-colored trunk of a coconut tree
reaches across the late-night sky.

My mind, traveling in utmost emptiness,
catches suchness on its way home.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh
फूल आसमान में
फूल धरा पर 
कमल खिलते ज्यूँ पलकें  बुद्ध की 
कमल खिलते मानव के ह्रदय में 
शान से थामे कमल हाथ में अपने 
प्रकट कर देते बुद्धिसत्व सृष्टि कला की 
आसमाँ के आंगनों में अंकुरित तारे हुए हैं 
मुस्कुराता चाँद पहले से वहां है 
भूरा तना नारियल के वृक्ष का 
पहुँच जाता अम्बर तलक रात में आधी 
मन मेरा भ्रमण करता रिक्तता में सतत 
पकड़ता यह सब घर लौटते में 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The man is the highest of creatures.
The woman is the most sublime ideal.
God has created man for a throne, for women an altar.
The throne exalts, the altar sanctifies.
The man is the brain - heart woman.
The brain receives light, the heart... receives love.
Light fecundiza, love is making a comeback.
Man is strong for the reason, the woman is invincible by his tears.
The reason convinces, tears touch (soften) the soul.
The man is capable of any heroism, the woman, any sacrifice.
Ennobling heroism, sacrifice called the sublime.
The man has the dominance, the female intuition.
Dominance means strength, intuition represents justice.
The man is a genius, the woman an angel.
Genius is immeasurable, the angel is ineffable.
The aspiration of man is to the Supreme glory, the female aspiration is towards perfect virtue.
Glory makes everything great, virtue becomes all divine.
The man is a code, the woman is a Gospel.
The code fixes, the Gospel makes us perfect.
The man thinks women inferred.
Thinking means having a brain superior, infer, feel, it means having the glory in the front.
The man is an ocean, the woman is a lake.
The ocean is the Pearl that decorate you, the Lake, the light that illuminates it.
The man is an eagle in flight, the woman, a Nightingale that sings.
The fly means to dominate the space, singing means to conquer the soul.
The man is a temple, the woman an altar.
In front of the altar, we discover our heads in front of the altar, we kneel.
The man sits where just the land, women, where the sky begins

autumn wind

While I wait for you,
My lord, lost in this longing,
Suddenly there comes
A stirring of my window blind:
The autumn wind is blowing.
~ Nukata

सुबह तड़के

Rise early at dawn, when our storytelling begins.
In the dead of the night, when all other doors are
the door for the Lovers to enter opens.
Be wide awake in the dark when Lovers...
begin fluttering around the Beloved's window,
like homing pigeons arriving with flaming bodies.

~ Abu-Said Abil-Kheir
जागो जल्दी सुबह तड़के जब शुरू होती  कहानी
रात्रि नीरव में जब बंद हो सब द्वार 
द्वार  खुल जाते स्वतः ही प्रेमियों के 
 रहो जागे सजग पूरी तरह से रात्रि में जब  प्रेमी
फड़फड़ाना शुरू करते प्रियतम  की खिड़कियों पर 
ज्यूँ लौटें कबूतर सुलगते पांख ले कर घरों में 


As long as I live I will eat and drink
The grief of loving You.
I will never give it up to anyone
Even when I am dead.
At the Resurrection
I will walk forward with this violent thirst
Still storming my head.
~ Ayn al-Qozat Hamadani

attributes eternal !

How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when He is the One who is manifest by everything?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when He is the One who is made manifest in everything?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him...
when He is the One who is manifest to everything?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when He was the One who was Manifest before there was anything?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when He is more manifest than anything?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when He is the One with whom there is nothing else?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when He is the One who is nearer to you than anything?
How can you imagine that something else veils Him
when if it had not been for Him, there would not have been anything?

A marvel!
See how existence becomes manifest in non-existence!
How the in-time holds firm alongside Him whose attribute is eternal !
~ Ibn Ata' Illah