Wednesday, 19 December 2012

रुसी कवि


None can keep me chained
none can keep me tied
from the great wide world
I refuse to hide!

Venture boldly forth
from my home will I;
where god bids I'll live,
where God bids I'll die!

मैं नहीं बाधित किसी भी श्रंखला से
बाँध सकता है मुझे कोई कभी न
इस जगत से जो सदा अनवरत विस्तृत
है नहीं स्वीकार मुझको यह छिपाना
बाँध कर साहस निर्भय
हो के  घर से मैं चलूंगी
मैं रहूंगी जिस जगह ईश्वर  रखेगा
त्याग दूंगी देह जब ईश्वर  कहेगा 

  A.V. Koltsov

In separation there's a higher meaning:
you may love for an hour, years  , an eon,
but love's a dream that comes to you in sleep-
it is a moment that you can not keep-
you waken, and there comes an end to dreaming. 

दूर रहने पर निकलता अर्थ ऊंचा
प्रेम में डूबे रहो पल,साल, चाहे युगों तक
पर है सपना प्रेम जो पलता उनींदा
जागते ही, स्वप्न पल में टूट जाता ..

love.What is love? the legend goes
it is a union of kindred souls,
a joining into one of matching parts,
a fated fusion of two eager hearts,
and sad to say a duel from the start...

 प्रेम। प्रेम है क्या ? एक किस्सा ...
साथ मिलना दो भावुक रूहों का ..
संग जुड़ कर एक होना अंगों का ..
भाग्यवश मिल कर धड़कना दो दिलों का ..
जंग की शुरुवात यह, दुःख से है कहना  ..

the more adoring one is than the other
the sooner then the battle will be over.
unequal for the humbler of the twain,
who though aggrieved, will suffer,love and pray
and finally will simply pine away...

एक यदि दूसरे का पूज्य होता
जंग मिट जाती फिर तो सहज ही
तड़पता दोनों में वह जो बेबस ह्रदय हो
जो कलपता,प्रेम में, करता दुआ फिर
और दुःख भर कर हृदय में, घुलता रहता 

there are rare moments in the life
when I relieved of stress,
surrender gladly without strife,
to nature's blessedness.

She stands condemned- the honester the woman
the guiltier she must and will appear...
such is society: the more inhuman
where guilt is more human and sincere

Fyodor Tyutchev

Year after year burns my heart,glowing hotter and hotter
plunged in society's life,immersed in it as in cold water.
like red-hot steel in a furnace,  aboiling life set it.
life you were cruel to me,so cruel.I can never forget it!
In indignation I seethe, full of pain and of sorrow,
yet will not turn to cold steel neither today nor tomorrow.

Alexei Tolstoy

Good fortune has blessed you with virtues
in others not usually found.
Let the heavens above be my witness
that for you my respect is profound.

nikolai nekrasov

may your heart stay free and open
to all free and new impressions.
never let it cramp and hinder
budding human inspirations.
you were born with them inside you
cherish them those precious dreams
liberty,equality fraternity
these are their names.
love them truly and sincerly
live in noble service bound:
there is no more noble duty
there is no more radiant crown.

nikolai nekrasov

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