Monday, 2 September 2013

घूर्णित मैं फिर... फिर ..

The image in me
is a different image
how many stars fall
into my interior dance!
I whirl and I whirl...
the skies whirl as well
roses blossom out of my face
The trees in the garden, in sunshine
"He created Heaven and earth"
the serpents listen to the song of the reed
in the trees donning their dancing gowns
The meadow's children intoxicated
they call you
I look smiling, at suns
which have lost their way…
I fly, I fly
the skies fly. . .

~ Asaf Halet Çelebi
प्रति छाया मुझ में ,
 भिन्न है एक छाया ,
कितने तारे टूट गिरे ,
 उर में नाचे फिर !
 चक्रवात सा घूर्णित मैं फिर... फिर ..

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