Wednesday, 4 September 2013

मौन में रत अत्मध्यानी सूफी दरवेशों के प्रति

Ode To Silently Meditating Sufi Dervishes

The splendid Garden of Paradise is the meditation center

of the silently meditating Dervishes.

The Heaven's generous resources are at the disposal of meditating Dervishes.

The spiritual treasure mines buried deep inside the charms of solitary meditations, are being hunted by the inquisitive eyes of meditating Dervishes.

The Heaven's Palace whose Gatekeeper is angel Rizvan,

has an awesome Lawn View in the imaginations of silently meditating Dervishes.

By the shining rays of the silent meditation,

even the darkest hearts turn into illuminated golden hearts.

Meditation is the alchemy of conversation for the silently meditating Dervishes.

Even the sun proudly places its shining crown on their heads,

as a humble affirmation of the superiority of meditating Dervishes.

Let me say it without any formalities: Lord's good and eternal fortunes are at the grasp of meditating Dervishes.

Lord's shining Face whose reflections are so desired

even by the constantly praying kings of this world,

is already reflecting in the mirrors of meditating Dervishes.

From border to border, this world is filled with tyrant's army,

But from beginning to end, these are the glory days of meditating Dervishes.

O rich people of this world!

Stop showing off your wealth and possessions so much,

All your gold and prestige are thanks to the hard works of meditating Dervishes.

I'd be a humble servant of any contemporary intellectual of this world

who could match the high morality and generosity of meditating Dervishes

Hafiz: If you're searching for the Eternal Water of Life, its Source begins right from the doorsteps of the meditation center of silently meditating Dervishes!

 Hafiz Shirazi.

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